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Paper Bag or Plastic Clock?
August 22, 2005

So this weekend The Husband and I celebrated our very first wedding anniversary. We reminisced at the original proposal spot over sushi rolls and raw tuna on a sunny Sunday afternoon.

Yes, I know. It has already been an entire year.


What a year. Surely, saying that ‘it’s been crazy’ would be the ultimate understatement.

Thank you for listening when no one else did.

Thank you for offering words of kindness that no one else can offer.

Thank you for the warmth, and the never ending stream of support.

Thank you for your truly, unconditional love.

Thank you for the laughs and the cries.

Thank you for the smile you give me every morning.

Thank you for the many years yet to come.

It is impossible for me to imagine making this sort of committment with anyone else I’ll ever know.