Sweater Vest Cover Up – PATTERN!

$6 creation
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Here is the “pattern” for this very very simple creation. I’m REALLY sorry, I’m quite new to this, and when I tried to work out the instructions for M, L sizes, my brain just shut down. I’m not good with numbers and I’ve never written a knitting pattern before, so what I’m posting below is EXACTLY what I did myself to come up with what you see in the pictures…we can team up and collaborate with each other to work out the other sizes if you’d like. But I’m sure there are many, many experienced knitters on Craftster and other various places on the internet that can help.

Sweater Vest Cover Up


FINISHED MEASUREMENTS: Chest 34 “, Length 16.5 “


-Bernat Solo [72% acrylic, 28 % polyester; 86 yds/80 g] color: Rustic (57520); 3 skeins
-(1) set straight needles, 6 mm
-Yarn needle
-(2) sets eye & hook clasps


Approx. 12.5 sts/14 rows = 4″



CO 48 sts. Work in k1, p1 rib for 5 rows. Starting with a RS row, work in st st for 8 rows.

Continuing in st st, being dec rows as follows:

R9: Dec 1 st at each edge = 46 sts

R10: P all sts

Dec at each edge on R16 = 44 sts

R25: Inc at each edge by knitting into front and back of each st = 46 sts

R33=Inc @ each edge = 48 sts

Cont. in st st

Start raglan dec rows as follows:

R45: K2, SSK, k till rem 4 sts, K2tog, K2

R46 and every other WS row: P

Continue dec rows until 20 sts rem. Work 2 rows in st st. Work 5 rows in K1, P1 ribbing. BO.

Front (Right)

CO 24 sts. Work K1, P1 rib for 5 rows.

Starting with RS row, [K1, P1] x 2, K till end of row

Next row: p till rem 4 sts, [k1, P1] x 2

Work all dec and inc rows as directions for back piece. After raglan dec, there will be 10 sts rem for front.

Work 2 rows in st st. Work 5 rows in K1, P1 rib. BO

Front (Left)

Work as for Front Right, but reverse directions for edging.

Sleeves (Make 2)

CO 38 sts. Work 2 rows in K1, P1 rib. Start raglan dec as done in back piece and front pieces until 10 sts rem. Work 2 rows in st st. Work in K1, P1 rib for 5 rows. BO.


Seam up raglan seams and sides. Sew hook and eye closures as shown. Weave in all ends. You’re done !

**Feel free to do the inc/dec rows properly and evenly…I’m aware that mine are all over the place. Let me know if something doesn’t make sense, it was hard reading my chicken scratch all over various pieces of paper.


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