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Rock Around That Christmas Tree
December 21, 2005

I am only too happy to announce that I finished off the last of my christmas knitting this past weekend. I am thrilled to reveal that I am finally working on a project for myself. For the ones who like specifics, I started the Lace Leaf Pullover designed by Teva Durham. The pattern is in her book, Loop-D-Loop.

So far so good. I’m an inch or two away from completing the lower half of the sweater. I made a small mistake on the leaf motif, but because this is somewhat a practice run on this pattern using really cheap acrylic sitting in my stash (that I need to get rid of) I didn’t bother unravelling back to the row the mistake is in.

Other than the pullover, I’m also finishing up on a dog sweater I’m making for my friend’s dog, Toby. Pictures will come. Hopefully, you’ll laugh.

Tonight we are leaving for Courtenay. All the presents are packed in bags and are waiting in our kitchen by the entrance to be packed into the car. I have no idea how we are going to fit all the boxes, AND all of our packed bags of personal belongings into Wanda. Perhaps we’ll have to open up a few gifts before we get there? Okay, wishful thinking. (For those of you who don’t already know, my husband K is THE advocate of no-present-opening-until-Christmas-day. Bah, I already know what some of my presents are. Well, one of them.

We are already stocked with a gazillion boxes of chocolates and sweets. Even as I speak (type), there is a full box of hand made chocolates by Olde World Confections, given as a gift from the building management for the office where I work.


Happy holidays everyone 🙂 Wait till you see the pictures from this trip.