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I Wanted A Sewing Room, But Not Like This, Not Like This
January 30, 2006

Phew! Can someone get me a glass of water please? Actually, just hand me over a bottle of whiskey. That should do.

Dare I say this? I think I’m all crafted out..*ducks*

On Friday night, Kevin and I went to the nearby mall so I could grab some 4.5mm circs for my Hourglass Sweater (because I HAD to cast on that night) and on the way home we stopped by Save-On-Foods so I could grab a few ingredients for a Japanese Cheesecake. Of course mine didn’t turn out like the one in the picture, but it was close enough as it gets.

It wasn’t as light as the ones you can buy but Kevin seemed to enjoy it.

On Saturday I committed several felonies. For one, I broke my no-fast-food streak…and caved into cramming some good old McDonald’s into my system. Not just once, but twice. I hate confessions, but here goes nothing – for breakfast I ordered a Sausage aand Egg McMuffin Meal (w/ OJ…if that helps?) and a second Sausage and Egg McMuffers. And as if that isn’t bad enough, later that evening I persuaded poor Amir to go back to McD’s (around 10.30 PM) and ordered a double cheese burger meal with 6 pc McNuggets. Excuse me while I go hang my head down in shame.

Besides succumbing to the dark lord of the yellow arch, I broke my “spend less money this new year” streak. Let me tell you it’s not such a great idea to bring two men along with you for fabric hunting. We found what we needed for our secret project, and then the boys found a slippery Louis Vutton print that ended up in a 6 1/2 yd cut piece in my shopping bag. It’s becoming a PJ set for Amir. Kevin found some Prada and I’m making him just a pair of PJ pants only. Guess how much I spent? 90 dollars…*runs*.

Besides choking my credit card to death at Textile Clearance House, we made a trip to Dressew as well. It was my first time in there and HOLY HELL can I say OH MY GOODNESS! I didn’t get a chance to look at the fabrics (as we got lost downstairs looking at everything else cool) but I got some more knitting needles on sale, and found some kilt style safety pins. The boys found buttons for the PJs while I drifted from aisle to aisle, pinching my arm and reminding myself that I hadn’t died and gone to heaven. I can’t wait until another Saturday when I can just go down there and just bask in all the crafty glory.

Saturday afternoon was also spent taking various photos. Here are some of mine:

Sunday I slept in and then awoke to a major 7 hr sewing marathon.

This is my hell. It took about 3-4 hours just pre-shrink, press the pattern pieces, and then do layout.

Halfway through the day, I screamed and gave up on the $10 dollar Toastmaster iron I had bought from Walmart years ago when I first moved out. So I sulked and puttered and finally Kevin agreed to go to the mall with me to find a replacement. This is what I came home with:

My mom owns a Sunbeam as well and she’s had it for over 20 years. So I figure it was a good bet (for the price too….but amongst the other ones, $180 for a steam iron? ARE YOU KIDDING ME?) And see that…DRIP FREE. Drip free. That’s all I could ever ask for.

Will be doing more sewing tonight when I return home from work. And possibly for the rest of forever.