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Just Say No To Junk Faxes
April 26, 2006

I haven’t had a moment at all to post because things have been crazy crazy crazy. My weeks are filled with working, commuting, and homework and commuting and working and homework and did I say that all it seems like I ever do now is sit in a bus full of grumpy smelly individuals during rush hour to and from work EVERY. SINGLE. DAY?

The good thing is my night school courses are ending in June and the bad news is my night school courses are ending in June. When they end, the madness to rush home from work twice a week, every week will finally be over. But when they end, I will cry, because in addition to the class I am taking at the actual school, I have two correspondence courses I am taking online. And there are quite a few assignments due for said courses.

I’m into my second week at the new job, working for an architect firm downtown. The office is located right in the middle of Tourist Central and as the previous receptionist kindly warned, by the end of the summer season, I will have been in the back ground of the pictures going into about 65, 000 family vacation albums. Who knows, perhaps some Christmas cards too?

The Husband and I are sort of thinking about moving into a bigger place. We have looked at one and I sort of fell into love with it. The chance of moving is still slight, but we have yet to discuss the situation together. (NOTE: See “crazy crazy crazy” above).

Knitting? Don’t make me cry. I haven’t had a chance to do anything relaxing at all.

We started yoga classes and so far, I’m not feeling the “hype” of it. Perhaps we signed up for the wrong class. After these ones end, I will probably attempt signing up at a different place.

I can see that there is still regular traffic coming to this site daily. Thanks for checking – I promise more normal updates will follow, hopefully sooner than later.