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Long See No Time
June 4, 2006

Hello. I’m not dead.

The last month has been packed with lots of activity. I barely log online with my computer at home these days.

The new job is going great – the first few weeks were a little awkward (the whole “new job” syndrome) but I think I’m settling in quite nicely now. I did had a little lapse with the new schedule change and it prompted a crazy chocolate binge right after Easter. I thought the gold Lindt bunny would be safe for a good while, but after a devastingly long day at work one week – I came home and succumbed:


Then we got a new pet hamster:


His name is Hashbrown.

One of the things (beside the chocolate) that has kept me sane this past month is yoga. At first I was really hating the whole HAVING to go because I pre-paid for every class – but instead of being negative about it I tried my best and it really got to me – I’ve definitely feeling my flexibility slowly come back. In fact, I am currently looking for another yoga studio to sign up with since the last class (of my beginner’s course) is next week.


Also, I decided to drag poor Mary with me to a 108 minute long yogathon this weekend. Don’t worry, it was for an awesome good cause.



We had a ton of fun but I KNEW we shouldn’t have drank the kool-aid.

You can check out the rest of the pictures on my Flickr page.

Wedding in Creston next weekend, cannot wait!