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March 28, 2008

Recently I’ve been re-reading my copy of Yarn Harlot’s “The Life of a Secret Knitter”. Re-reading the story about her moth encounter threw me into a little bit of a whirlwind scare.

It suddenly occured to me while I was on the bus ride home this afternoon, leaving work. I have a bag of wool I bought a few months back (before I had purchased the set of clear storage bins I now own) and had kept it stored, on a shelf, in just a plastic bag.

I started racing through my mind, trying to find any memory of ever seeing a moth fly around my house, the general vicinity of my house, or ever. I think I’ve seen one once or twice, and that was long ago, before I became a knitter. Re-reading YH’s experience, my panic may have caused some imaginary memories of seeing moths, and I decided right then and there while on the bus that I HAD to march straight to the store to look for some sort of guard against these (perhaps imaginary) moths.

I considered maybe going to the store over the weekend to look for something to prevent any potential moth infestations in our home. After all, it’s not like I had actually seen one with my own eyes in the past (long) while. I was tired and hungry, and it was wet and cold out, and all day I only looked forward to getting home and warming up in some good old sweatpants. Going to the store meant getting off the bus at a later stop, then walking a few extra blocks home afterwards in the rain. No matter how hard my common sense tried to reason with me, I couldn’t wait.

Wool Protection

You know, because you can never be too careful about imaginary moths.