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May 27, 2008

Right now I’m trying to hurriedly finish the other half of my mom-in-law’s belated mother’s day gift so I can start on some new schemes of my own.

I love knitting (obviously).  But truth be told, I especially love knitting for others, on the condition that they’re being surprised with the hand knitted gift.  (See, the Husband is a whole other story – he’s extremely picky with what he wants).  I find I do a lot of spontaneous knitterly giving to loved ones because it allows me to start new projects on a whim, go shop for the needed yarn and supplies, and then best of all, receive the reaction they give when they open up their gift.  The best part is when a gift project (conveniently) doesn’t turn out the way you want it to, you have an excuse to keep to add the yarn to your stash 😉

However, my love of knitting surprise gifts for others leaves me very short on time usually.  Case and point, the last project gifted to Oma stemmed from me simply picking up a ball of wool in a lovely yarn shop.  There wasn’t a lot of self control to begin with, but as soon as I whiffed in some of the wool fumes, I decided I just HAD to knit a Hemlock Ring Blanket for dear Oma.  It didn’t matter that mother’s day (I tend to try my best to find an excuse for the random gift giving to fulfill my impulsive knitting needs) was a week away and I needed at least 3 days for the parcel to go through post, technically only giving me 2-3 knitting days to finish the damn thing.  This goes back to Christmas too, hrm I think I’ll knit my gigantic father in law a sweater! For christmas! Just because he’s so great and I love him to bits.  Said sweater took until March to complete, and this even included a lot of bailing out on nice social engagements right before Christmas.

And of course, I don’t only knit to knit for others – I love knitting for myself.  Which adds to the turmoil, of course, when I’ve constantly got a gift project on the go and my Ravelry queue just keeps growing and growing…