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Practice Practice Practice
June 19, 2008

I *think* I’m slowly making spinning progress.

This was the first bobbin, spun this while testing out the wheel. It’s the crossbreed sliver purchased from Birkeland Bros., at the same time I bought my Turkish spindle.

First Wheel Attempt

Then I decided to spin with some nicer stuff. This is Romney roving ordered from HelloYarn. It’s really soft and lofty and lovely:

Second Attempt

I know it doesn’t look like much on the bobbin but I am keeping my fingers crossed that once plied and set, it will make a lovely yarn.

This takes me to a picture of my third (bobbin at left) and fourth (bobbin at right) attempt with Agatha:


I broke into some BFL roving hand dyed by YummyYarn. Summer weather is non-existent here in Vancouver so I had to break into these lovely colors.

There are some chunky spots that happened when the Husband decided he needed to come over to demonstrate a childhood antic of his on my dear Agatha. He had a credit card in his hand and had to lightly run it against the spokes of my spinning wheel to show me that’s what he used to do with his bicycle. Sigh.

I’m so, SO proud to show you my very first skein of self-spun yarn:

My First Yarn

There’s plenty more of where that came from – I still have another 100g in the same colorway. Definitely knitting with this (here’s to hoping it holds up).

I’m so excited!