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Dear Peanut, 17 weeks
September 30, 2008

Dear Peanut,

You will discover one day that your father is the creative parent, and not I.  But while his creativity will seem quite cool and entertaining and glamorous at times, you may learn to lose appreciation for it when he tries to use ketchup as a decoration on one of your future birthday cakes or when he decides to mend a pair of your pants with duct tape.  Just saying.

Peanut, we were so very excited to discover that we had successfully created you during our earliest tries.  So very very very excited! We have been waiting so long to start a family.  It’s a crazy world we live in now – the polar bears are rapidly going to polar bear heaven, and child care costs almost more than rent.  Even before your father and I got married, an authentic baby-sized Brett Favre jersey was bought for you.  Though Favre no longer plays for the Packers, your father intends to pack that jersey with us to the hospital when we welcome you into this world.  I’m sorry, it’s not going to matter if you’re a boy or a girl, you are going to be a football player when you grow up.

Since discovering the great news, I have been so eager to start showing you off in a nice round pregnant belly bump.  Your father accused me of purposely sagging my posture out to exaggerate any roundness in the front.  This may or may not be true, but I do have to admit to wearing maternity blouses even though I couldn’t fill the belly sections out at all.  You can imagine how happy your mama was when she FINALLY got offered a seat on the bus not once, but TWICE in the same week when you were 15 weeks old.

Your father and I listened to your little heart beat gallop for the first time when you were 12 weeks old.  We just just sat in the doctor’s office, grinning from ear to ear, completely speechless.  Just these last couple of days, mama has finally been able to feel your movements.  One of the first times, your father and I were just dozing off into slumber, when you did a little dance.  I laughed out in excitement and your father woke up right away to put his hand on my belly, where you then decided it was time for bed as well.  The last couple of days you’ve been dancing and flipping away in mama’s belly while she’s at work, happily in time to the click clacking of her keyboard.  Mama called your father right away yesterday afternoon when this happened, he was more than happy to receive the interruption at work (even though he was in the middle of an extremely busy, 12 hour day).

Your father has been so, so great and involved so far in every aspect of this pregnancy, Peanut, you really have no idea.  Your mama has officially taken up 3/4 of the bed, leaving your poor father squished off to the very edge to get a good night’s rest after a long hard day at work.  He wakes from deep slumber immediately when your mama’s legs start to cramp during the night to massage them.  Your father has also safely stored away a multitude of items for your arrival – including 4 strollers.  Why we’ll ever need to transport you around in 4 different strollers is somewhat beyond me, but this is how excited your father is.  I am sure he can’t wait to tote around and show off his little bundle of joy.

So far, the majority of us have been convinced that you are going to be a boy.  Mama has a “feeling”, and your father is just hopeful (really, it doesn’t matter, but I think he’s still stuck on the whole football player hope).  We will be hopefully finding out if you are going to indeed, have a peanut or not, very soon.

One last thing, the whole calling you “Peanut” thing, is relatively new.  Mama wasn’t sure how to address you in these future letters.  Like I said, your dad is extremely creative and I just wasn’t sure of some of the nicknames he’s used.  The one he calls you and I both the most, is monkeys.  And as silly as it is, it always brings a giggle out of mama everytime he comes home from work, opens the door and goes “Hi monkeys!”.

As much as you’re going to dislike your future nicknames, please remember you are also going to dislike and resent a lot of things we’re going to make you do – like homework, chores, watch football, ketchup (don’t worry, mama is on your side), and curfews.  I promise that 99% of the time you get angry with us is only for reasons stemming from the fact that we love you to bits and pieces.