Mexico April 2008 264

I’m a 20-something knitter residing in Vancouver, BC with my mostly patient husband, 3 hamsters, and over whelming yarn stash. Not to mention a whole lot of house plants.

I’m optimistic. When I’m not knitting, I’m likely to be either eating or reading. Once upon a time, the tagline at the header of this blog read “The blog of a knitter that never was”. That has changed. I can’t seem to put any of my knitting down to rest at all.

I hate the smell of crayons.

I am always hungry. I enjoy Japanese food so much that I wouldn’t mind eating sushi every single day for the rest of forever.

I also enjoy taking pictures here and there.

I can be found on Ravelry or contacted by email at angel [at] kibblesandknits [dot] com.


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  1. hey angel! thanks for the kind words! I didn’t know your special talent is knitting? that’s amazing. I don’t have the patience for it but I admire people who knit. Great work!

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