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Someone Save Me From Myself
May 8, 2008

We went over to the island to visit Kevin’s family over the weekend. I wasn’t as excited as I usually am since it was just a normal 2 day weekend, and not the usual 4 day long weekend we use to go there. I didn’t complain for too long, because the trip there and back promised a few good hours of quality knitting time.

I worked on the Tilted Duster I started:

Tilted Duster - In Progress

I’m using my Knitpicks Options needles in the 6.0mm/32″ size. The yarn is some Red Heart McIntosh that’s been sitting in my stash for quite some while. I HATE IT. Yarn snob, I am not (I think) but this stuff does worse than split, it falls apart in your hands. I’m not kidding. Unfortunately the crappiness of the yarn has led to some enthusiasm issues towards the project. I think the pattern is alright to knit – this yarn is just ruining it big time for me.

While in Courtenay, we paid a visit to Uptown Yarns. I’ve been knitting for a good few years now, and sadly this was my first time in an actual yarn shop (I Walmart and Michael’s doesn’t count). I buy a large majority of my stash online, this would probably attribute to the reason for my LYS hopping purity.

I consoled myself for having to work with the crappy acrylic yarn by buying some new, much nicer yarn:


I was running around that store like a chicken whose head just got lopped off. There was so much YARN! everywhere. It did not help that the Husband (acting as my first time yarn store visit chaperone), kept ENCOURAGING me to pick out a yarn and buy it. You read that sentence correctly. He went to school with Jen, who owns and runs the store, and I guess he didn’t want us in there “just looking” (obviously he needs more training…do you really think I’m going to be “just looking” in a yarn shop? sheesh).

I also bought some of this (which I think is just an absolutely lovely yarn):


Which, then and there, I decided was going to become a Hemlock Ring Blanket for Kevin’s Oma, in time for mother’s day no less. We bought the yarn Saturday (I was unable to start the blanket until Monday, and didn’t officially get going on it until late afternoon due to a lovely episode of food poisoning resulting from eating bad ham…but anyway).

I knit like I’ve never knit before. I even kept knitting while eating. I knit and I knit. The night before last night, I crawled into bed, delirious from the exhaustion of trying to finish it fast enough so that I could get it in the post and to Comox in a relatively timely fashion. I didn’t want the same thing that happened to my dad in law this last christmas (he didn’t receive his sweater until March, but he’s huge, so that’s my argument right there) to happen to dear Oma. As I sped through the unending rounds (around and around and around, yarn over, knit, yarn over, knit x 5849057 times) I started panicking and second thinking the whole endeavor. How can I possibly gift something like this to someone who has been knitting more than double my life time? Would she really appreciate something that looks like smelly crumpled up recycling?

Hemlock Ring - Pre Block

We shall find out soon. Oh how I wish the post office offered their priority courier service over the weekends too 😦

Hemlock Ring Blocking