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Paper Cuts
February 28, 2008

The blog has (once again) been neglected as I just couldn’t focus my mind enough to write. Cue the sound of a big tumbleweed blowing by, cause it just ain’t happening up in here.

I’ve been involved with the whole internet thing since I was the wee age of 14. I’ve signed up for countless web communities, posted online dating profiles, and use the internet for banking, job hunting, and shopping. It’s undeniably a great way into the world of self-publishing, to fulfill your writing dreams. My writing as of late has lacked laundry loads of excitement – I just don’t know what to write about anymore. When I was a little more of a devoted blogger “back in the day”, I would rant. I would rant about my then-boyfriend’s mother, I would rant about Beyonce’s huge ass, I would rant about q-tips. Let’s get real. I KNIT now. Mellow doesn’t even begin to fit the right context.

I find many bloggers like to write about the life phase they are in at the moment. Dating whys and what ifs and dissecting everything else that revolves with the whole dating scene. Blogging mommies and daddies like to talk about (what else) their kids and families. Married bloggers blog about work or their married lives – but honestly now, just HOW interesting really is married life?

I think I’ve always leaned more towards the extroverted side of things instead of being an innie. But I don’t find need to blog about the ins and outs of marriage, just because I am a fellow married individual.

Has my interesting, bloggable life stopped here? Or do I just find little moments more precious left unblogged about?